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From Zero to Hero.  Within a couple of hours I can get you from being a total beginner to completing two to four abstract artworks.  Whether it's for a fun get together -  or your next Team Building or Strategic Away Day - come along to Studio Toru, Eastbourne and I'm there with all the materials.

Select from Wine & Art or Business Workshops below & check out what people have to say.  To get an idea of how workshops run click here

Pricing is based on per workshop basis - not number of people.  The price includes all materials, my travel & time.  It does not include your travel or drinks/food.  Please get in touch to find out more.

MEC Team Away Day
MEC Team Away Day

Business Workshops

Absolutely ideal for your next Team Building or Strategic Away Day.  Take time out to come along to Studio Toru in Eastbourne. 

The benefits of creativity both on a personal level and in the workplace are many:

  • creative thinking helps to embrace challenges and people aren’t intimidated by the prospect of failure

  • high levels of concentration

  • creative minds play with information instead of just storing it. Instead of simply accepting ideas, they question them, build on them and apply them 

  • challenging conformity - so people can easily recognize when established practices could benefit from improvement

  • improves collaboration

  • comfortable with ambiguity - so able to look for more than one solution to a problem

  • helps value preparation

  • helps people become open to constructive criticism and assess their own work.  The feedback helps to improve their ideas and continue to learn

Get an idea of how the sessions run here.  I supply all materials including aprons  Price is based on per session up to 3 hours (not number of people) and includes my travel.  No hidden costs.

Everyone will walk away with art ready to be put in a frame.  


“the abstract art workshop was a great experience, well taught and facilitated by Beth. It was a great way to disconnect from our busy schedules and indulge and explore our creativity"

— Ruohan

Senior Policy Analyst

'"I could not believe I achieved that result - & nor could my family!"

— Fred

Policy Advisor


“such a welcome break & certainly a fun way to get out of your comfort zone.  Having an open mind in this creative exercise helped our thinking & I am sure helped us feel more confident in our abilities.  Loved every minute & wished it was for longer”

— Gaia

 Policy Analyst

MEC Away Day

Wine & Art

Get a bunch of people together, come along to Studio Toru in Eastbourne and I'm there.  Any level of experience from absolutely none to beginner to expert - I can help you complete 2 - 4 abstract artworks using oil and coldwax as the medium.

In the lovely, relaxing environment at Studio Toru, I supply all the materials including aprons.  Price is based on per session - up to 3 hours (not number of people) and includes my time & travel.  No hidden costs.

You will walk away with art work ready to be put in a frame.

MEC Away Day

"I hadn't done any art since before college and honestly thought I didn't have a creative bone in my body.  Beth proved me wrong - in a good way"e art 

— Rachel, Grad Policy Advisor